NOTE: All Registration Counter will be Open on THRUSDAY 14th April from 12noon ~4pm, FRIDAY 15th April & Saturday 16th April, from 8am onward. Venue at : MAHKOTA HOTEL.


PROGRAM (15th ~17th April 2011)

15th April 2011 - FRIDAY
10.00am ~ Participants Registration & Red Dress Registration (Mahkota Hotel)
10.00am ~ Registration of Ball Breaker
3.00pm   ~ Red Dress Participants Assembly at Under overhead bridge - Plaza   

3.30pm   ~ Red Dress Run's Flag Off (Hash Hotel)
5.00pm   ~ Circle Begin
6.30pm   ~ Food Served (Hash Hotel -Street Party)
7.30pm   ~ Speech by VIP
8.00pm   ~ Show Time
11.00pm ~ End of the day

* All BEERS begin to serve upon registration

16th April 2011 - SATURDAY
9am     ~ Registration Counter Open (Ball Breaker, Long, Medium, Short & Old Fart 

10am   ~ Ball Breaker Bus Depart Off (Limited Participant, Please register on Friday) 
12noon ~ Long Run Bus Depart Off (Mahkota Hotel)
1.00pm ~ Medium Run Bus Depart Off (Mahkota Hotel)
2.00pm ~ Short Run Bus Depart Off (Mahkota Hotel)
4.00pm ~ Old Fart Run Flag Off (Mahkota Hotel)
5.30pm ~ Food Served (Pay Fong Middle School Hall - Jalan Kubu)
8.00pm ~ Show Time
9.30pm ~ Boat Race (Individual)
11.00pm~ Disco Time

17th April 2011 - SUNDAY
9.00am ~ Bidding for 2nd World Heritage Hash 2013 (Mahkota Hotel)
10am    ~ Hang Over Run Flag Off from Plaza Mahkota (Hash Hotel)

* All Hasher may select their meal along this run trail. Selected shop with hash sign. 
* Beer available at run site only!